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I was the victim of a rear-end accident that involved a total of 4 vehicles.I had two passengers with me in the car pool lane on the 605 North freeway.

The car pool lane was at a complete stop, I was the third vehicle and a fourth vehicle rear-ended me from behind at full speed, which pushed my vehicle #3 into vehicle #2 and pushed them into vehicle #1. This led to my vehicle being considered totaled. Both I and driver of vehicle #4 had Mercury Insurance. Mercury decided to put both of us at fault to benefit from the raised premiums.

They concluded that I was 50% at fault because the rear-end damage of vehicle #2 was high, but did not provide details to the damage cost. They did not make their decision based on all documentation/recorded conversations stating that vehicle #4 was at fault for 100% of the accident as well as the driver of vehicle #4 admitting after the accident that it was his fault and that he was not paying attention. Mercury did not attempt to further investigate the issue at my request, by checking the Engine Control Unit of my vehicle that can indicate that I was at a complete stop until vehicle #4 rear-ended me and created the chain reaction. I then decided to cancel with Mercury for their false allegations, just so that they can not benefit from these false claims.

After I cancelled, it delayed the arbitration decision because they realized that they will not benefit from me if they put me at fault.This took 1 year for false claims to be determined.

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